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01  What is the purpose of the PTSA?


Our PTSA exists to enhance our students education by encouraging support and involvement from the community and school.  We strive to make every child's potential a reality. 

02  What does the PSTA do?


We are responsible for coordinating events to enhance our students education and experience at Horizons. We do this by:

  • Supporting our library with funds for new books

  • Purchasing equipment for school use (playground equipment, classroom or workroom equipment)

  • Providing multiple free family and community events throughout the year

  • Supplementing field trip experience

  • Coordinating and running book fairs for students

  • Providing prizes for Wild About Reading month

  • Providing snacks and beverages for end of year celebrations


Without your support these events simply would not be possible. Please consider volunteering—even if you can only help with one PTSA event it can make a big difference.  We want the best experiences for our kids. All that we do contributes to a better, more well-rounded education for our children. Help us to help your student too. You can make all the difference.

03  Why should I join the PTSA?


Join for your child!  It's all about them—enhancing their experience and education at Horizons. The school can only do so much with the funds it has so we supplement, enhance and advocate where necessary. Click here for more reasons to join.

04  How do I join the PTSA and what is the cost?


There are multiple ways to join. 



There are also membership forms available in the front office.  Fill it out and send it to school with your child.  Please make checks payable to 'Horizons PTSA'.

Memberships cost $10/yr, or $8 for teachers & students. From the memberships dues we have to must pay state and national dues—with the rest directly supporting our mission. 

Anyone can be a PTSA member: Parents, grandparents, family friends, community members and students!

05  May I attend PTSA events if I don't join?


Yes. While we hope you do join the PTSA to support our mission, all are welcome. However, you will not be eligible for the discounted rates on tickets where applicable. PTSA membership provides more benefits and opportunities throughout the year that we hope you will utilize.

06  Can I only volunteer once in a while without being pressured to volunteer for future events?


Absolutely! You can volunteer as much or as little as you'd like. We appreciate your time and effort. We are thankful for your 15 minutes or your 50 minutes. We may ask you to volunteer for another event, but it's perfectly okay to say “No”. If everyone does a little, it goes a long way.  

07  Can I volunteer for more than one committee?


Absolutely! You can volunteer to be a part of any or all committees.  You also can volunteer for events without serving on the committee. 

08  What is a General PTSA Membership Meeting and what happens at one?


A general membership meeting is held at least 3 times per year.  It is a time for the Board Members and Committee Chairs to share what is going on with the projects we have undertaken for the year.  This is the time that we all come together to share plans, ideas and questions.  It is when we discuss issues and vote on how best to utilize our funds to serve our students.  A General meeting is open to everyone. Non-members may attend but are unable to vote on any issues/questions.

09 Can I volunteer even if I am unable to come to the meetings?

Yes, but we do ask you to attend the meetings when possible. Attendance numbers are needed in order to make decisions and proceed with business. Your input is necessary to our mission.

10  How does the PTSA raise money and what do you do with it?


Our money comes from fundraisers and donations from families and local businesses. We usually do a couple of fundraisers during the school, one in the fall and in the spring.  We spend our money on things that will benefit our students, we don't just raise money to raise money. 


Frequently Asked Questions

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